Driven piles (displacement piles) are the structural rigid elements constructed by the method of driving into the soil by vibration or pushing.

Driven piles are constructed by the method of placing the structural rigid elements by vibration or pushing, with prespecified section and continuity that can be controlled, for the purpose of carrying the vertical and horizontal loads. Driven piles made up of steel, can be driven into subsoil typically composed of H-section profiles or using circular section steel pipe (with closed end or open end), either vertically or inclined. Besides steel piles; such as square, round, hexagonal sectioned precast concrete and timber piles can be driven as well. For driven piles commonly constructed by driving steel pipes; either permanent pipe pipes can be used depending on the ground conditions and the purpose of design, or piles are constructed after driving pipes in the subsoil and after the installation reinforcement and concrete the temporary pipes are exctracted by vibration.

driven piles

Rodio Kronsa, Soletanche Bachy

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