Shoring wall with drilled micropiles (mini piles) with a diameter of less than 300 mm. Micropiles can be applied in restricted areas and steep slopes.

The only difference between anchored mini piled shoring system and anchored bored pile shoring system is the size of vertical members which are composed of mini piles with smaller diameters. It is a structure supported by prestressed anchors and beams depending on factors such as the soil and groundwater conditions, environmental loads, deformation criterias, etc.

mini kazık ankraj

Mini-piles are vertical members that are typically 25 cm to 40 cm in diameter. Initially vertical members of mini pile shoring system is constructed followed by step wise excavation and construction of anchors and beams according to the deisgn levels. Guide walls may be used to establish the correct positions of the bore piles, initially.

Upon completion of the construction of the mini-piles, they are connected to each other with a head beam at the top level. After completion of the head beam, excavation is performed in steps and the shoring system is formed parallel to the excavation, by constructing pre-stressed anchors and the waler beams.


After placing of the reinforcement concrete is placed using tremie pipes starting from the bottom of the pile to the surface. In cases where it is not possible to implement achors due to surrounding conditions, vertical bored pile members can be supported by supporting strut beams, depending on the size of excavation support system.


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